Support Us

We are trying to make traffic flow better for everyone. We know it can be done, but we need your help. Please consider doing one or more of the following to support our cause. These options are all free or low-cost and easy. A $6 bumper sticker or a like on Facebook isn't much to ask of one person, but together we can make a significant difference.

Follow Driving Guidelines

This is the most critical support we need. In fact, we're asking everyone to do this. That's the point really. You're already driving. We're just asking you to: Drive Different. Drive Better.

Buy a Bumper Sticker and Display It Proudly

Spread our message and support us financially at the same time. Shop the store and buy your favorite bumper sticker. Stick it on your bumper, laptop, water bottle, store window, or yourself. We don't care where, as long as people can see it. Proceeds support our continuing efforts to improve traffic flow.

Follow Us on Social Media

Increasing our social media presence helps us reach more people and spread our message further.

Like us on Facebook
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But don't just follow us, interact with us. Retweet us. Post a picture of your bumper sticker and tag us in it.

Be an Advocate

Talk to people about improving traffic flow. Share the Driving Guidelines with them. Being an advocate is a great way to extend your support further. If a passenger in your car asks why you are driving "differently," someone asks about your bumper sticker, or a friend asks why you keep retweeting @ih8trafficOrg use that as an opportunity to tell them about us.