Nashville Traffic Improvement Map

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Our initial analysis of Nashville traffic is complete. The only short-term way to significantly improve Nashville traffic is for driver behavior to change. Nashville drivers must drive different. We must drive better.

Our results are compiled in the map above. Together with the general Driving Guidelines, it is our hope that this map will serve as a blueprint for improving traffic in Nashville. The future of traffic in Nashville is in the hands of its drivers. Please make a commitment to leaving Nashville traffic better than you found it.

Let's be clear. There is no one thing Nashville drivers can do to "fix" traffic. Nashville traffic is complex, but there is one thing that consistently stood out in our analysis, space. As traffic builds, Nashville drivers do not leave enough of it. The design of the interstates in downtown Nashville requires a lot of lane changing. Changing lanes requires space. Yet, the reflex of the majority of drivers is to hug the bumper of the vehicle in front of them as soon as traffic starts to build. No one can change lanes, and everything stops. Instant gridlock.

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